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Sarah [userpic]

I´m still alive

23rd August 2012 (21:28)

I may not be in London anymore, but I will still continue to update this journal, although it´s more likely that you´ll find the newest stuff on my german blog, madl_mit_kuh.

Since I came back to Germany I managed to watch the first season of "The Legend of Korra" and the first season and half of the second one of "Teenwolf".

"The Legend of Korra" is much better than I thought it would be! The story is much more complicated and grown up than "The Last Airbender". The big issue in this series is that the non-benders feel dominated by the benders and form the activist movement "The Equalists". Their leader, Amon, can take the bending-abilities from benders.
The beautiful thing about it is that even though Korra fights the equalists it still remains an unspoken question wether they really are the ´bag guys´ or not.

I began to watch "Teenwolf" because my mum bothered me at least for a month before I came even home with it. I just thought I might give it a try, because apparently the fandom grew very fast, and you can´t just live on Sherlock fanfiction.
And it turned out to be AWESOME! Seriously, it is one of those rare teenage-series with a good plot (and a lot of it). I also love all of the characters (and they are all so super gorgeous!), especially Stiles, Derek and Lydia. Scott is really cute, but sometimes I´m just astonished how stupid he can be. And Allison is not charmless, but I think she is a poo friend. In the last episode, when Lydia wanted to talk to her, because she had problems, Allison just said she didn´t have time for that and asked her to translate her something veeeeeery important.
I just watched half of the second season, so there are still some unanswered questions!