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Sarah [userpic]

Farewell, dear London!

29th July 2012 (17:54)

Mood: sad

When I was sitting in my room, walls bare, bed naked of the bedclothes and with two suitcases and a box sitting on the floor next to me, I knew it was over.

After I came back home from Cornwall, I fell ill. Horrendously stupid to fall ill five days before you go back home. Not only because I had to do a lot of packing but also because I wanted to enjoy my last few days with my friends and the family.

My last weekend with Anna was good. We went for Cream Tea on saturday and on sunday met in a café. I have to confess that I had to take a lot of paracetamol so I could survive through the day. But I said to myself that I can still lie in bed all day when I get back to Germany.
On monday and tuesday I met Viki. We didn´t do any big trips, but spent some time together, and ate a lot of stuff!

It was difficult to say goodbye to both Anna and Viki, but I know I´m going to see both of them again. Maybe even quite soon.

Until wednesday I managed to do all my packing. I just had to put away a few things I still needed in the morning.
So after I took Ella to nursery for the last time and finished packing, I hovered the room and took off all the bedclothes.

Then I just sat down and looked at the walls, where I had my Sherlock pictures stuck on it, the bed, much too big for one person, the wardrobe and the bookshelf, empyt exept for a few things for the new aupair.

The rest of the day I lay around in the sitting room watching TV, too sad to to anything else. In the afternoon we went to the Upsy Daisy Bakery, and I had my last scone there, which will be always the best one in the world for me.

After we came home we put my luggage in the car and I had to say farewell to Simon and Ella. I didn´t cry before, but sitting in the car, they just came and ran down my face unguarded.

Katie and Amy helped me to sort out my suitcases at the airport, and before I went through the security check had to say farewell to them, too. Katie assured me that now I have a family in England as well. Amy gave me a lot of hugs and kisses. Before I completely disappeared she called after me: "I don´t want you to go!"

Yes, this was all very sad. I am gald to be back home with my family. But I will miss my host family, my friends and my life in London.

Still, I regret nothing. This year has been the best one of my life. I learned a lot, I gained experience, I made friends. Whatever might change in the future, I will always remember this year and the people I met, and I will be looking at it with fond eyes, telling my children about it so often they get annoyed.

Thank you to all of my dear readers, who read my blog and enjoyed it.