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Sarah [userpic]

YouTube is not Becoming YouTube

17th August 2013 (17:29)

I have been really disappointed by Benjamin Cook recently.
I have been following his YouTube series/documentary/WTFidontknow since it has been launched eight months ago. A few weeks ago, the latest installment of "Becoming YouTube" has been uploaded, and after I've seen it I thought I'd have to kill something. I'm being totally serious here.

First, I thought I could record a video and post it as a response to the tenth episode, but, well, I'm still awfully clumsy and inarticulate when I have to speak in English. So I'm pouring everything into this post. Writing still seems so much easier.
Please bear with me.

As I mentioned, I started to watch "Becoming YouTube" right from the beginning, after it has been promoted by either Alex Day or Charlie McDonnell (or both, can't remember). I was excited - there were so many great people involved, so 'It must be great!' I thought.
And it was - it was interesting to hear what the big Biritsh YouTube "digerati" had to say, and the little sketches in between were funny. It all started off so well. The series/documentary was so well made, funny, rich in variety and the people were just great.
But then there was "Girls on YouTube" (which insulted many people). And "Musicians on YouTube" (I still don't know what that was actually about). Then we got something about Cheeky (?!) and then, the latest one, "YouTube vs. The World", (a silly pun on "Scott Pilgrim vs. The World"), but it actually could have been called "BEN HATES ALL OF YOU JUST GO AWAY YOU SUCKERS". At least that's what I perceived.

I'm still not really sure what the theme of this video was about (I presume it was about boys with hair too long and colourful for their own good, but that is just a wild guess)...[EDIT: I just re-watched the beginning and the video is actually about YouTube "changing" the world. Just so you know.]
The beginning of the whole video was actually really boring, something about Ben wanting to write a song and needing the help of his friend and the problem of finding a theme for the song (and probably something about hair as well) and blablabla. I really thought about skipping the video, until Ben suddenly became VERY ANGRY and began to rant at his viewers for at least an eternity.

So, what did he rant about? A lot of things. Mostly he complained, that any of his viewers care much more about watching YouTube videos than talk to their families, send their favourite YouTubers presents than to those who actually need aid, and that we, as his audience, waste our precious time sitting in our pants in front of our computers and watch a free, half hour series/documentary/whothefuckcares than actually go out and change the world. We are, as he said, worse than the Janoskians, who apparently masturbated over a baby (I haven't seen that, thank non-existing gods, but as much as I have seen of them, they seem to be the bastard child of Y-Titty and DieAussenseiter, which is worse enough).
"At least they do something! At least they have something to say!", is what Mr Cook says about the work of the Janoskians compared to our (the audience) apparent inactivity.
Seriously? Am I worse for not doing anything instead of doing something, and something being recording dickish behaviour and stupidity, which, in no way, changes the world IN ANY WAY except makes some pre-pubescent kids laugh? The Janoskians (or Y-Titty and DieAussenseiter, for that matter) certainly do not care about changing the world. But, according to Cook, we (the audience) do neither. All we care about, is YouTube. And boys with fringes (why fringes, why is it always about fringes?!).

When I first saw the video, I was so angry and agitated afterwards, that I wrote down four pages of a script I never filmed, and walked around the house for at least an hour, trying to think about how to express what I was feeling.
I wasn't as angry as much as I was disappointed. I was looking up to Ben. I felt, in the early stages of Becoming Youtube, encouraged to try YouTube myself. And that is exactly what I did.
But this - it just hurt, somehow. Yes, it hurts to see that the person you look up to is actually kind of a dick.
And I don't want to hear that this is not true. I mean, who insults their audience in a video, being horrendously snobbish while doing so?
I am one of his 132.431 subscribers (and there are more and more every day) who made him what he is now. And I am being called a dick for liking Becoming YouTube and not changing the world by doing, well, what? Making videos like you do, Mr Cook?

I first thought that he was just being sarcastic. But, after watching some video responses and seeing the reactions of some people in the comments, and thinking about what Cook preached over his previous videos, I knew he was being serious.
He always said that we all should go out and do our own thing on YouTube. If we wanted to. Because, if we did, we should try and do it, and have fun while doing it.
The first video response to "YouTube vs. The World" was from bravelittlecat, who tries to explain what Ben meant by his rant. She correctly observed that most people came out of this video feeling like shit. But then she says that we just should not accept that we are a worthless piece of shit who sit on our asses doing nothing, or not enough, and then goes on saying that Ben's rant was actually supposed to change exactly this. We are supposed to try to "want to be better". Whatever that means.
Anyway, if someone else has to stand up and explain what Ben meant, and coming up with something he has preached to us in each and every of his videos, than something went terribly wrong.

Also, this whole rant implied that each and every viewer is not having a life besides watching videos on the internet and maybe slash AmazingPhil and KickthePJ (no no no, definitely no those two, thank you very much). We do useless stuff, instead of "care". But what should we care for? Changing the world. Well, how am I supposed to change the world? By making a "weekly" YouTube series/documentary/thisisgettingannoying, pretending to be amazingly brilliant, just to say, in the end, that my audience are all dickheads?
Seriously, what am I SUPPOSED TO DO?

I am having trouble to write down what I'm actually thinking. There are so many issues in my head crushing each other, creating an altogether nasty splotch at the back of my mind, and although I want it to go away, it doesn't. It keeps being there, incoherent and so fucking prominent at the same time. It has been more than a week that the video has been uploaded, but I just can't get my head around it. Or out of it.

In the end, I don't really know why this all upset my so much. Maybe it was the fact that it was all so priggish. That I felt undervalued as a viewer. That other people I don't actually know were upset. That all we do is waste our time watching videos. The fact that some people think everything that Ben says is made of solid gold. That Ben was just being a prick. Period.

At least, he has been right about one thing. He's just "another British boy with a fringe".

EDIT 17.08.13:
There is one other thing that annoyed me about this rant, and I just consciously realized what this was. Before Ben starts off with his rant, there is a sudden break in the scene, as if the take went wrong and actually something else was supposed to be recorded. But then Ben begins to rant and the whole scene looks like it wasn't supposed to be recorded, least taken into the video, which I know is wrong, of course it was scripted, but that's not the point. I'm talking about the fact that this scene was, apparently, not planned and therefore makes the viewer feel as if the following is an honest, non-scripted talk. Actually, this kind of device is ubiquitous, and it is used to make the viewer feel aware of the sincerity of the speaker.
So, bearing that in mind, is Bens now most famous rant really that sarcastic?

Sarah [userpic]

TV is Dead

25th May 2013 (22:59)

I just watched a clip from the new "Teen Wolf" season 3. Essentially, it´s "Teen Wolf meets The Birds".
I have to say I´m not at all convinced by that scene.
Why would a ginormous swarm of ravens fly into a building, committing suicide in the process? I know that there are certain occasions were birds loose all orientation due to anomalies invisible to the human sensory perception, and something like the incident shown happens, but I doubt that these anomalies are a pack of alpha werewolfs.
And even if the alphas aren´t the cause, I actually don´t want any other supernatural crap to happen. I am quite happy with my little Hale-werewolf-pack, thank you.

Maybe I´m just overreacting. But over the past few months, there have been teasers, like the "This Might Hurt" stills, pictures from the actors and the set, some spoilers, etc. I fear all of this won´t live up to everyones expectations, as these are now REALLY HIGH.
And I also don´t want another series to die.

Does anyone know "Community"? This ingenious, crazy, nerdy series? Which never got as much appreciation as it deserved?
I watched the first three seasons in about no time. My mum has been a fan since the very first minute, but I just didn´t bother at that time. After my boyfriend began to watch and love it, I thought that I should give it a try.
And, honestly? This is one of the best comedy series ever made. Period.
The characters are lovely and so different to any other characters that ever appeared on TV (although they all stick to some kind of stereotyp, they twist it just right to make it unique again). Through 3 seasons, not one episode has been even a tiny bit boring. We all look lovingly back at the Paintball-episodes. Or the pillow-fight-episodes. Or the ones with the blanket/pillow-fort. Or the 8-bit-episode. I loved the 8-bit-episode!

Then, Dan Harmon left. I never thought how much this would backlash on the quality of the series. Whatever it was, the secret ingredient which made "Community" one of the best series on the telly, was suddenly missing, and with that a fandom was met with disappointment.
Where was the spice? The quirkiness? The crazyness?
Where was "Community"?

Dear writers of season 4,
It is not sufficient to just parody stuff that is popular and ubiqitous. Get some backbone and do what you did before, instead of feading the audience what they think they want, but actually don´t.
Yours sincerely,

So, "Community" died for me. At least I´ll ignore everything after season 3. I´ll rewatch season 1-3 for ever and ever and be happy.

Is the same going to happen to "Teen Wolf"?
"Teen Wolf" was quite unknown until season 2. With the last released season, they gained so much popularity that they received more money for the newest season.
24 episodes instead of 12, and some new werewolfs. Hell yeah.
But I think something went downhill after it was announced that Jackson and Erica would leave. I loved both of them.
And as more people watch "Teen Wolf" now, I fear that the writers will produce something that we can just throw into the TV-landscpae mishmash and forget about very quickly.
Not that "Teen Wolf" has ever been something entirely new, but the story and plot where great, as well as the characters.

Telly didn´t have anything in store for me for a long time now. Well, at least there´s nothing the german telly can give me. They buy the crappiest series and put them on prime time, and the good stuff is bought but aired during the day, saturday or sunday (which was the case for "Community" and "Dr Who").
I think this is the reason why I fell in love with YouTube last year.
YouTube is prospering, while telly is dying.
But that´s another story to tell...

Sarah [userpic]

My first youtube video!

19th January 2013 (23:30)

Mood: bouncy

I totally forgot about it, but here is my very first youtube video!
And I´m working on the second one!

Sarah [userpic]

Unimpressed by Irene

18th January 2013 (15:14)

Mood: blah

I went to see "The Hobbit" with my friend Lara last monday. After the film I still had an hour until my train was leaving, so Lara and I decided to have a drink at a café. We talked a bit about the film (we both liked it) and about watches (I really need a proper one) before we got to Sherlock, like we do most of the time (when it´s not Teen Wolf).

Lara said that she wished that Gatiss and Moffat would make Moran a woman. She thought that for a sniper you don´t necessarily have to be a man as you do not need strenght, and for the rest she could actually use her brains.
"Moriarty is unpredictable, and having a woman as his right hand would be compeltely in character!"
I agreed that it would be a nice change and given the rest of the series they could do it if they wanted to.
Well, if.
I then saidt that I wished there were more female characters, but if Moran was a woman than it would somehow make Irene Adler less of a "strong" and intelligent woman as she was presented to us and Sherlock in "A Scandal in Belgravia".
Lara agreed unhappily. And then she asked me what I thought about the Sherlock Holmes short story "A Scandal in Bohemia".

I read this short story about a year ago and can´t remember the whole story, but I do recollect that I put a lot of expectations into it. Before I read it I watched the episode of Sherlock and then read an interview with Mark Gatiss where he stated that Irene Adler was a really impressive and strong female character, keeping in mind the time and place of the story.

I expected so much more. I don´t say that I didn´t like the story, and I don´t claim that I expected her to be in any way similar to women nowadays but still, I expected more.
What was it that I didn´t like?

Well, first, Irene hardly ever apears in person (something Lara hated the most), mostly Holmes talks about her. I can let it pass if it wasn´t for the rest of what she does or rather, doesn´t do.
Holmes is told to get a picture from her which shows his client and Adler in a rather...compromising position.
To find out where Irene Adler hides the picture Holmes and Watson initiate a false fire alert which exposes the hiding place, and when Holmes goes back to her house to get the picture, he pulls a letter adressed to him and the picture from the hiding place. In the letter it merely says that she wasn´t suspicious until the false fire alert and that he could have the picture as she didn´t need it anymore (she married someone the day before).

Seriously, I don´t see where she outwitted Holmes. Well, she found out what Holmes wanted, but she wrote herself that she was warned against him long before Holmes was even employed to get the picture. So she knew she had to be careful, didn´t she?

Then, there was Adler in the BBC series. She certainly was intelligent, but I didn´t like the fact that she used her sexuality to get what she wanted. I also didn´t like the scene where she was completely naked. Apparently it is still thought that women have power over men just because they have breasts and a vagina, but I´m certain that this is utterly wrong and more of a... kink.
OK, have your kink, I don´t care, I have my own.
But saying Irene is a strong woman just because she is the Dominatrix? *shakes head*

Yes, Lara and I completely agreed on everything regarding Irene. Lara also said that Mark Gatiss is often refered to as misogynist because of Sherlock. Looking at the female characters, some might think that because there are only three reoccuring ones. And I like all of them, they all have distinct characters. But maybe the problem is that there are ONLY three female characters, and the fourth one occuring only once is Irene, and I already talked about her.

Please don´t get me wrong, I love Sherlock. It is a brilliant series, one of the very few good ones. I also think it should have been on prime time and much more advertised for here in Germany. But just as Lara, I wish for a strong female character I can relate to. The series is placed in the present time, and there were made some many other adjustments already, so how about you give us another one?

This is also the reason why I was so disappointed by Elementary. I watched the first episode with Lara yesterday. It was so boring. And Sherlock and Watson weren´t Sherlock and Watson. Give them other names, and the show would be great. And how about giving us more than five minutes to introduce the characters? How about focusing more on them instead of the case (which was a ridiculous one)?
When I first heard about the series I was angry as the Americans purposefully copied Sherlock although they didn´t get permission to redoe the British series. And because they made Watson a woman I thought they just did it to actually make it a love story.
But apparently the latter is wrong (at least for now) and I could forgive them the first offence if it was actually Sherlock Holmes, which it isn´t. In my opinion.
But I think both characters could be interessting and Lucy Lui´s character is strong and intelligent, and sadly we lack that a bit nowadays.
As Anita Sarkeesian said, we need more Veronica Marses in our television shows! And Joan Watson would be one of them.

And this raises another issue I had about "The Hobbit". I truely liked the film. It was a fun one. But when I sat in the train back home, I had the strong desire of there being a female character except for that elf woman whose name I´ve forgotten as soon as it was said (I have the strong impression that she was just there for decoration).
I know that the book the film is based on is very old and that one would have never sent a woman out to have adventures at that time, but still I was sad about that fact. I love those fantasy films and books where the characters go out and have an adventure, that´s why I thought I should see The Hobbit (and maybe give LOTR a try). But the non-woman fact is quite sobering.

Did I ever tell you about when I was a child? In kindergarten I just had one good friend who was so thick headed that I did everything she wanted because otherwise she would have got angry and left me alone (I was never really self-aware, and the crappy friends I had over my life didn´t help to improve that). She always wanted to re-play Disney films, and I liked that, too, but I always had to play the male characters as she wanted to be the leading female character.
We were young girls, of course we sought a role model in every female character in every film we saw. We wanted to be like them, we learned from them.
And just on that evening in the train on monday I realised that even in Disney films there are too few female characters, and suddenly I understood why even there being only the two of us there still were not enough female characters to look up to and divide between us.

It is so sad, and I wish it was different. I want to watch a film an think "Well, that is someone I would like to be!". Because, this is what I do when I like a film or series very much. I think of being one of the characters. Maybe that is why there are so many Mary-Sue fanfiction out there. Because we lack interesting female characters which we can relate to.

I don´t say that there aren´t a lot of films with female characters in it, but the ones I can think of are mostly chick-flick ones. And there is just one other series I can think of that´s cast is mainly women (and is a good series).

That´s my opinion. I would love to hear your opinion on that, as I recently tend to see misogynists everywhere (according to someone).

Sarah [userpic]


8th January 2013 (21:31)
Tags: ,

I didn´t write a single interesting thing for quite a while now. Well, I don´t know if the following post is going to be that interesting, because I don´t have that much to talk about.

I´m still not back to university. Sometimes I feel like I should be doing something because surely life as a student can´t be that easy. It isn´t during term, but I feel like there should be something in between terms as well.
I was told that we should use the time in between terms to do some work experience, but I think she didn´t mean our very first term...

I was thinking about what I should do, to be productive in some way because I hate to look back and realize that there was nothing I did that was worth the time. So I decided to find a job (I already talked about that at my other blog, madl_mit_kuh ), record some videos and crochet some stuff ( I got three crochet books for christmas/birthday). The list is much longer, but looking at it right now pinned to my wall, I wonder if I will really manage to do any of the stuff.

But I still have a whole month, don´t I?
Woohoo. [/sarcasm]

Did I tell you that I found out that there were several courses at my university which I could have attended during the holidays if I just had known about them? There was a course about journalistic wrting, for example. Journalism! Hopefully it will be offered next term.

I bugs me that I don´t really now what I could talk about here. Actually, when I began to write I knew what I wanted to talk about, but I forgot about it again.
Am I not a pitiful person?
(At least I wrote something in English now, which I do quite rarely these days.)

Sarah [userpic]

What Charlie says, and what I feel about it

10th November 2012 (19:53)

I haven´t updated since uni began, and I´m really sorry about that. I just needed time to get used to everything, to figure out how to study, what to do, who to turn to. And before I knew I had to enrol for my exams, and they will be in just 4 weeks time! I should actually study right now, but I took the day off today. You just can´t study every day all day long, especially when you actually only have like three lectures.

But, I wanted to talk about other stuff (uni already dominates too much off my life).

Yesterday I watched this video by my favourite youtuber, Charlie McDonnell.

This whole entry is more like a comment on the whole video and to Charlie. I just had to write down my thoughts on it, but I´m not good on keeping it short and just comment on the video like this. I´m a blogger, I use more than 140 characters.

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Actually there is so much more that I could write about this, but it just makes me sad thinking about it. Maybe another time.

Sarah [userpic]

I´m still alive

23rd August 2012 (21:28)

I may not be in London anymore, but I will still continue to update this journal, although it´s more likely that you´ll find the newest stuff on my german blog, madl_mit_kuh.

Since I came back to Germany I managed to watch the first season of "The Legend of Korra" and the first season and half of the second one of "Teenwolf".

"The Legend of Korra" is much better than I thought it would be! The story is much more complicated and grown up than "The Last Airbender". The big issue in this series is that the non-benders feel dominated by the benders and form the activist movement "The Equalists". Their leader, Amon, can take the bending-abilities from benders.
The beautiful thing about it is that even though Korra fights the equalists it still remains an unspoken question wether they really are the ´bag guys´ or not.

I began to watch "Teenwolf" because my mum bothered me at least for a month before I came even home with it. I just thought I might give it a try, because apparently the fandom grew very fast, and you can´t just live on Sherlock fanfiction.
And it turned out to be AWESOME! Seriously, it is one of those rare teenage-series with a good plot (and a lot of it). I also love all of the characters (and they are all so super gorgeous!), especially Stiles, Derek and Lydia. Scott is really cute, but sometimes I´m just astonished how stupid he can be. And Allison is not charmless, but I think she is a poo friend. In the last episode, when Lydia wanted to talk to her, because she had problems, Allison just said she didn´t have time for that and asked her to translate her something veeeeeery important.
I just watched half of the second season, so there are still some unanswered questions!

Sarah [userpic]

Farewell, dear London!

29th July 2012 (17:54)

Mood: sad

When I was sitting in my room, walls bare, bed naked of the bedclothes and with two suitcases and a box sitting on the floor next to me, I knew it was over.

After I came back home from Cornwall, I fell ill. Horrendously stupid to fall ill five days before you go back home. Not only because I had to do a lot of packing but also because I wanted to enjoy my last few days with my friends and the family.

My last weekend with Anna was good. We went for Cream Tea on saturday and on sunday met in a café. I have to confess that I had to take a lot of paracetamol so I could survive through the day. But I said to myself that I can still lie in bed all day when I get back to Germany.
On monday and tuesday I met Viki. We didn´t do any big trips, but spent some time together, and ate a lot of stuff!

It was difficult to say goodbye to both Anna and Viki, but I know I´m going to see both of them again. Maybe even quite soon.

Until wednesday I managed to do all my packing. I just had to put away a few things I still needed in the morning.
So after I took Ella to nursery for the last time and finished packing, I hovered the room and took off all the bedclothes.

Then I just sat down and looked at the walls, where I had my Sherlock pictures stuck on it, the bed, much too big for one person, the wardrobe and the bookshelf, empyt exept for a few things for the new aupair.

The rest of the day I lay around in the sitting room watching TV, too sad to to anything else. In the afternoon we went to the Upsy Daisy Bakery, and I had my last scone there, which will be always the best one in the world for me.

After we came home we put my luggage in the car and I had to say farewell to Simon and Ella. I didn´t cry before, but sitting in the car, they just came and ran down my face unguarded.

Katie and Amy helped me to sort out my suitcases at the airport, and before I went through the security check had to say farewell to them, too. Katie assured me that now I have a family in England as well. Amy gave me a lot of hugs and kisses. Before I completely disappeared she called after me: "I don´t want you to go!"

Yes, this was all very sad. I am gald to be back home with my family. But I will miss my host family, my friends and my life in London.

Still, I regret nothing. This year has been the best one of my life. I learned a lot, I gained experience, I made friends. Whatever might change in the future, I will always remember this year and the people I met, and I will be looking at it with fond eyes, telling my children about it so often they get annoyed.

Thank you to all of my dear readers, who read my blog and enjoyed it.

Sarah [userpic]


21st July 2012 (12:25)

Mood: drained

Katie asked me several months ago if I wanted to join them on their Cornwall holiday in June. Of course I said yes, and on 13th June we packed our stuff and headed of to Tredethick Farm!

It took as almost all day to get to Cornwall,with all those horrible streets were it was inevitable not to get into a traffic jam. Once arrived we explored the farm a bit, and it really is a holiday farm for rich big city families with small children. They have a soft play area, a swimming pool, a play barn, an enormous trampoline, scooters and mini-tractors, a play ground and animal feeding every morning and pony riding every monday and wednesday. For the grown ups, there is a hot tub.
Our cottage was lovely, and we really had everything, even a TV (quite a big one), which I have to say I didn´t expect, but well.

The day after we arrived, saturday, we fed the animals in the morning (I was allowed to feed the chicken!!!), and in the afternoon we went to Restormel castle. Amy and Ella loved it, and I loved it because the view from the castle was marvellous.

The next day we went to Lanhydrock, a victorian country house. It was interesting, and bigger than it looked from the outside.Then we had a picnic, and after that I went to see the gardens of Lanhydrock on my own, as Amy and Ella preferred to play at the play ground.

Monday was quit, but in the afternoon I walked the Farm Trail, a walk suggested by our cottage information folder. I walked all the way to the hamlet of St Winnow, where I made the acquaintance of possibly the friendliest dog I´ve ever encountered.

On tuesday I went to "The Lost Gardens of Heligan" on my own. It was brilliant, and even the weather cheered up as soon as I arrived there! I also had the amazing opportunity to make a video of a friendly robin.

On wednesday we all went to Fowey (say "Foy"), a village next to the river Fowey. We had lunch there and then I wandered around for a bit, looking at the shops and enjoyed the sight of the river.

On thursday, our last day, we went to the beach. That was the only thing I asked for and really wished to see before I go back home. It was a breathtaking sight, and after our lunch at the beach I walked along the beach, and then just sat down and watched the people and the sea, listened to wind and smelled the salt in the air. I´m really going to miss the water once I´m back in Germany.

On friday, I went back home with the train, as the back of the car is rather narrow with two children´s seats in and almost no space for my shoulders. And also, my family decided to visit Katie´s parents and stay for the night, so I´m quite happy I could go home on my own and sort some stuff out.

I have to add that every day Amy went swimming in the swimming pool and both girls went to the soft play area. They loved it, and it was really difficult to get Amy to do other stuff as well.

And as there are too many pictures to upload all of them, I´m just presenting you my absolute favourites!

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Sarah [userpic]

Orange Pekoe

10th July 2012 (13:27)

I went to the tearoom "The Orange Pekoe" with Viki the other day. And I just have to tell you about it!

This tearoom is popular for it´s tea, and was also awarded from the Tea Guild for their excellent tea.
I went there before with Yuki and just had some tea and cake. The cake was good, BUT THE TEA!!!!

Never in my life did I taste such extraordinaryly good tea! First I thought they just put some honey in the milk which made the tea taste differently, but it is just the tea!

When I went there with Viki I drank some Breakfast Tea, and decided to buy a pot of the leaves of it. That´s right, you can buy the tea there to brew it yourself!
It was quite expensive, but I just had to have it.

If you happen to be around Barnes....wait, what am I talking about, if you are in London, GO THERE AND DRINK TEA!

(Sorry, there were a lot of exclamation marks in here,but all I wrote is true, and I haven´t been paid to write this. )

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