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TV is Dead

25th May 2013 (22:59)

I just watched a clip from the new "Teen Wolf" season 3. Essentially, it´s "Teen Wolf meets The Birds".
I have to say I´m not at all convinced by that scene.
Why would a ginormous swarm of ravens fly into a building, committing suicide in the process? I know that there are certain occasions were birds loose all orientation due to anomalies invisible to the human sensory perception, and something like the incident shown happens, but I doubt that these anomalies are a pack of alpha werewolfs.
And even if the alphas aren´t the cause, I actually don´t want any other supernatural crap to happen. I am quite happy with my little Hale-werewolf-pack, thank you.

Maybe I´m just overreacting. But over the past few months, there have been teasers, like the "This Might Hurt" stills, pictures from the actors and the set, some spoilers, etc. I fear all of this won´t live up to everyones expectations, as these are now REALLY HIGH.
And I also don´t want another series to die.

Does anyone know "Community"? This ingenious, crazy, nerdy series? Which never got as much appreciation as it deserved?
I watched the first three seasons in about no time. My mum has been a fan since the very first minute, but I just didn´t bother at that time. After my boyfriend began to watch and love it, I thought that I should give it a try.
And, honestly? This is one of the best comedy series ever made. Period.
The characters are lovely and so different to any other characters that ever appeared on TV (although they all stick to some kind of stereotyp, they twist it just right to make it unique again). Through 3 seasons, not one episode has been even a tiny bit boring. We all look lovingly back at the Paintball-episodes. Or the pillow-fight-episodes. Or the ones with the blanket/pillow-fort. Or the 8-bit-episode. I loved the 8-bit-episode!

Then, Dan Harmon left. I never thought how much this would backlash on the quality of the series. Whatever it was, the secret ingredient which made "Community" one of the best series on the telly, was suddenly missing, and with that a fandom was met with disappointment.
Where was the spice? The quirkiness? The crazyness?
Where was "Community"?

Dear writers of season 4,
It is not sufficient to just parody stuff that is popular and ubiqitous. Get some backbone and do what you did before, instead of feading the audience what they think they want, but actually don´t.
Yours sincerely,

So, "Community" died for me. At least I´ll ignore everything after season 3. I´ll rewatch season 1-3 for ever and ever and be happy.

Is the same going to happen to "Teen Wolf"?
"Teen Wolf" was quite unknown until season 2. With the last released season, they gained so much popularity that they received more money for the newest season.
24 episodes instead of 12, and some new werewolfs. Hell yeah.
But I think something went downhill after it was announced that Jackson and Erica would leave. I loved both of them.
And as more people watch "Teen Wolf" now, I fear that the writers will produce something that we can just throw into the TV-landscpae mishmash and forget about very quickly.
Not that "Teen Wolf" has ever been something entirely new, but the story and plot where great, as well as the characters.

Telly didn´t have anything in store for me for a long time now. Well, at least there´s nothing the german telly can give me. They buy the crappiest series and put them on prime time, and the good stuff is bought but aired during the day, saturday or sunday (which was the case for "Community" and "Dr Who").
I think this is the reason why I fell in love with YouTube last year.
YouTube is prospering, while telly is dying.
But that´s another story to tell...


Posted by: slashbabe (slashbabe)
Posted at: 27th May 2013 22:26 (UTC)

Ich sage nur: Totgesagt leben länger. ;-)

Posted by: Sarah (girl_with_cow)
Posted at: 29th May 2013 08:12 (UTC)

Na, dass klingt ja mal vielversprechend. Ich hoffe mal stark, dass es wirlich nur daran liegt, das Dan Harmon gegangen ist.

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