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8th January 2013 (21:31)
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I didn´t write a single interesting thing for quite a while now. Well, I don´t know if the following post is going to be that interesting, because I don´t have that much to talk about.

I´m still not back to university. Sometimes I feel like I should be doing something because surely life as a student can´t be that easy. It isn´t during term, but I feel like there should be something in between terms as well.
I was told that we should use the time in between terms to do some work experience, but I think she didn´t mean our very first term...

I was thinking about what I should do, to be productive in some way because I hate to look back and realize that there was nothing I did that was worth the time. So I decided to find a job (I already talked about that at my other blog, madl_mit_kuh ), record some videos and crochet some stuff ( I got three crochet books for christmas/birthday). The list is much longer, but looking at it right now pinned to my wall, I wonder if I will really manage to do any of the stuff.

But I still have a whole month, don´t I?
Woohoo. [/sarcasm]

Did I tell you that I found out that there were several courses at my university which I could have attended during the holidays if I just had known about them? There was a course about journalistic wrting, for example. Journalism! Hopefully it will be offered next term.

I bugs me that I don´t really now what I could talk about here. Actually, when I began to write I knew what I wanted to talk about, but I forgot about it again.
Am I not a pitiful person?
(At least I wrote something in English now, which I do quite rarely these days.)


Posted by: Triela (triela_gg)
Posted at: 9th January 2013 00:39 (UTC)
JE - Veteran - Bunichi crack

There's really not that much to do during the break, just have all the fun you cannot have during the term. Or work and get some money, another thing not possible when there are classes ;)

Are you okay? You sound quite unhappy in your latest entries - though to me, the contents sounded more like something to be proud of.

One thing I was told a while ago and now try to live by it - and pass it on.
Stop belittling yourself!
"I didn´t write a single interesting thing for quite a while now." my ass. I think all your entries are interesting. I don't need you to tell me that they are not, thank you very much.

Posted by: Sarah (girl_with_cow)
Posted at: 19th January 2013 22:27 (UTC)

You´re right, I´m sorry that I´m just complaining right now. I think the weather and the general prospect of having nothing to do isn´t helping to boost my mood. I get that every year at about the same time, I just need to get over it.

I´m glad you like my entries! OK, I´ll stop writing such things as above. I think I was just angry that I forgot what I actually wanted to write about. And that was annoying because I was really looking forward to writing a new entry. I enjoy it a lot.

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